You’ve been hearing from us about how the Meaningful Prayer course is practical, how it will *actually* help you concentrate in your prayer, and so on. So let’s break it down and see this in action.

When you first learned how to pray, someone taught you what to recite when you sit in the prayer after every 2 rakat. You might even have read or memorized the loose translation of it. But does your mind even register what’s going on as you recite this 10 times a day?

One of the first videos we released in relation to this course was an explanation of this very part of prayer. It’s not a marketing video. It’s not a small excerpt that keeps the real information behind a gate somewhere else. It’s an honest to goodness actual hour long clip from the Meaningful Prayer course.

We hope you’ll join us for the *online* version of this class beginningĀ April 1st. But even if you can’t, please at least go through this video and see how it affects your next prayer.