Student Center

Welcome to Meaningful Prayer Online

Meaningful Prayer Online will be from April 1 – May 30, 2016.

The schedule of the course will be as follows:

  • Each lessons will be about 1 hour in duration

  • New lessons will be posted Monday – Thursday at Noon 12pm CST

  • Once a lesson is posted it will remain accessible till the end of the course. This will allow students to catch up with and review previous lessons over the weekend.

  • There will be two 1 hour long live sessions with Shaykh Abdul Nasir where students questions will be answered.

  • The entire course consists of over 18 hours of lessons.

  • Students enrolled in Meaningful Prayer Online will continue to have access to the full course materials till May 30.

  • Each lesson will be in video and audio format and will correspond to the Meaningful Prayer textbook.

  • Students will have access to an evolving FAQ page that will grow as the course progresses.

  • Students will also have access to a dedicated questions page where they can submit any questions they have about the course material.

  • A discussion forum will also be available for student discussions and note sharing.

Until the course begins we have an introduction to the course available for you. To access the introduction and all future lessons you can visit our Lessons page.